If you think that software encryption in combination with bios protection is enough to protect your sensitive data handled by your organization endpoints is enough then you should not spend time to read further.

Otherwise if you think that information and privacy protection should be treated seriously at each level starting at the physical layer then you are at the right place.

L&A presents [ORWL], a Design SHIFT technology, the only secure tamper proof endpoint workstation on planet earth that protects data against physical threats.

[ORWL] is in a new generation of electronic computing devices combining proven hardware security technologies with patented access control and self-defense capabilities.

[ORWL] is a tamper proof physically secure by design endpoint (embedding a workstation computer) that allows its user to operate sensitive and/or valuable data within a potentially hostile environment.

Thanks to its self-defense capabilities, this physically protected device will instantly destroy all (hardware encrypted) data it contains at the first physical attempt to tamper with.

Hardware authentication is required to power on [ORWL] and, as an option, a 2 factors hardware authentication is available. Hardware authentication before powering on the device – so before the software OS has started to boot – is an advanced security feature that has never been seen before.

[ORWL] is visionary and first on the market, this is an unrivaled technology. Today no competition has entered this dimension of hardware security.

This endpoint with powerful computing capabilities is ideal for many usage

  • Diplomats
  • VIP and executives
  • Remote workers as remote worstations are outside environmental control of organizations
  • Critical infrastructures
  • Industrial systems control
  • Any military control unit part of C4ISR network
  • Military troops in theatre
  • Any citizen concerned with its own privacy