Public Cloud

Today, your IT team needs to be able to switch to new services and start them up instantly in a fast track reducing the used resources and deployment time. But this is hard to do if you’re only working with on-prem traditional infrastructure. Have you considered implementing a creative made-to-measure cloud solution?

Our company, Louis and Associates can help you to utilize the resources using the cloud innovative solutions and to reduce the final cost of implementation.

Download and learn how to shift to the cloud with L&A as a trusted advisor.

A public cloud that we offer is basically a pool of virtual recourses – composed from hardware owned and managed by a third-party company. That is automatically provisioned and allocated among multiple clients though a self-service interface. It’s a straightforward method to scale out workloads that experience unexpected demand fluctuations.

Nowadays public clouds aren’t usually deployed as a standalone infrastructure solution, but rather as part of heterogenous mix of environments that leads to higher security and performance, lower cost and wider availability of the service due to the functionality scale out of the infrastructure and applications. The cloud environment could be really flexible and to scale out or scale in (shrink) regarding the business needed in a timely manner.

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